Immerset is Different than all other Coffee Brewing Devices

"Many devices in the market utilize springs, hidden screws and clever levers that often result in dirt and bacteria traps."

Immerset features a patented, tool free helical valve and assembly system that provides a hygienic and easy to use brewing and dispensing platform. The helical valve also offers unparalleled dispensing control.  At every step of the process the design of Immerset was focused on ease of use, durability and ease of cleaning.



A New Way To Brew Coffee: South Florida-Based Immerset Launches Kickstarter

"There’s a new Kickstarter in town, and coffee lovers, you’ll want to listen up. A South Florida-based entrepreneur has developed a new way to brew java using several methods in-one to create what he terms the "perfect cup of coffee."

A sort of serial inventor, West Palm Beach’s Chic Kelty told Clean Plate Charlie he’s designed and created dozens of coffee-related products during the course of his career, including one for a company known as Tambaroo making the “French Kiss,” a silicone filter for use with a standard French press that helps make brewing more functional, less messy — and better tasting. The need for a product like the French Kiss got Kelty thinking: what if I made a product that would deliver the best of each brewing method in one? What he created is a new brewing method known as Immerset. Article by Nicole Danna of Broward & Palm Beach New Times media company