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A New way to Brew Coffee and Tea that combines French Press & Pour Over

Coffee lover & award winning inventor, Chic Kelty’s passion for coffee & tea led to the invention of Immerset, an exciting brewing method that combines french press, pour over, cold brew and tea all in one easy to use device.  

West Palm Beach, Fl, November 26, 2013 - Immerset combines multiple brewing methodologies, French Press (immersion), Pour-Over, cold brew and tea in one easy to use product that allows users to vary the grind density and control the flow rate & immersion time in order to create the best cup of coffee or tea possible. 

Maximum versatility and ultimate results are achieved by combining these variables collectively with one device.  With French press brewing, the barista is able to control the steeping duration but the system is intolerant of variability in grind density which limits the brew options and results in less dynamic flavor.  Also prolonged immersion of the coffee between cups can result in bitterness and degradation of flavor.  In contrast, pour-overs and cold brew methods allow for finer grind which can achieve a more refined taste however it can be a complicated and time consuming task to finely tune the immersion time and consistently produce the desired outcome.  Kelty’s design is also perfect for loose-leaf tea and allows the water to drain completely between cups to avoid bitterness.

Immerset is a cutting edge combination of:

  • Unique and Modern design
  •  Intuitive function with easily replicable technique
  • Integrated insulating design that keeps the brew hot between servings
  • Unparalleled safety and durability (no breaking glass, no hidden germ-collecting features)
  • Food-safe, impact resistant ABS for strength and insulation
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Silicon seals for leak-proof assembly
  • Food-grade stainless steel for chemical-free containment and hygiene. 

The entire water chamber and passage is sheathed in food-grade stainless steel so there is no hot-water-on-plastic contamination.  Unlike many coffee brewing devices, hidden surfaces and niches have been eliminated to ensure the most hygienic function possible. Moreover, Immerset’s patented helical valve design allows for intuitive and simple refinement of technique.

Immerset is built to last. The entire assembly features a tool-free design that is easy to use, clean, assemble and maintain. The iconic and sophisticated design will be a welcome addition to any home or professional environment.


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Palm Beach FL 33480

T: 1-505-660-9229